A New Path Forward

It’s common to feel stuck...

Are you noticing things in your life and within yourself that are not as you want them to be and looking for guidance on how to change them? Do you believe you can have a happier, more productive and fulfilling life but you're not yet sure how? Perhaps you're looking to shift your mindset in ways that make your challenges more manageable and seeking real strategies for developing healthier behaviors. Maybe the old way just isn't working anymore, maybe it never really did, and you've decided it's time to figure out how to move forward. 

With the right skills, it’s also common to get unstuck.

Catharsis means processing and releasing strong, difficult emotions to find significant relief from them. I can help you unpack and explore the things that got you stuck and have been holding you back by safely processing them together. I can assist in redrawing your map for getting through life with healthier thinking, feeling, and behavior and realign your compass according to your true values. A new path forward is possible.

I offer licensed mental health counseling and addictions counseling online for the entire state of Colorado.
All services are private, confidential, and HIPPA compliant.